Monday, April 19, 2010

Beautiful Gift Idea...

This post is a shout out to Diana R., whom I affectionately refer to as Mom2 (Mom squared) because to have her presence in my life is to feel loved exponentially—she’s extra special. I want to share a beautiful gift idea that came through her when she gave me a gift for my birthday. It was a bag of three of her favorite things--I absolutely loved it! The gifts included a copy of one of her favorite books, an oil and reed decanter, and her favorite stain fighting detergent. Words really can’t express how blessed I was by her gesture. They were gifts from her heart that were special to her, and she took time to share why she selected each gift. They were a few of her favorite things--the gesture certainly made me feel like one of her favorite people. Frankly, it inspired the poem below and encourages me to be more intentional in my gift giving as well. So here is the poem I wrote to accompany my “gift of three” to others:

My Favorite Things
Enclosed are three of my favorite things
I love them because of the joy they bring
I share them with you because you do the same
My heart fills with joy when I hear your name

Enjoy each small gift as a token of love
I’m blessed by your example of God’s holy love
As a blessing to others and especially to me
Find someone else special and share your own three.
Marvita Franklin, 2010 ©

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