Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Persistence. It’s the reason I’ve reengaged the blog after five long months without a word. I’ve certainly wanted to slow down and disentangle my thoughts, but “life” has been getting in the way. There have been changes at work, new project launches, and let’s not forget the everyday “trials of life.” So…I’ve managed to get a bit behind. And, sometimes, even that feels timely. As I recently sat outside in my garage during an amazing summer thunderstorm, I pondered the issue of persistence. Our swim team was poised to warm up for a weekly swim meet, but was held up because of a rain delay. Everyone assumed the meet would be cancelled, but the officials wouldn’t call it until 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of the meet. They were pretty persistent to keep team members in place until they were absolutely sure they wouldn’t be able to hold the meet. The storm eventually subsided in time and the meet proceeded successfully.

Persistence saved Lot’s life in Genesis chapters 18 -19, as God prepared to destroy Sodom. Abraham demonstrated tremendous persistence as he pressed God to spare the lives of the few “righteous” that might remain in Sodom. His first request would spare the city of Sodom for 50 righteous people. That was a big deal—for God to spare a sinful city just because His “friend” asked—yes, it was a huge deal. For Abraham to continue to press His “Friend,” was even more amazing! Abraham understood that he was being persistent—look at what he says each time he presses a little harder. By the time we get to Gen 19:30, Abraham is begging God not to be angry at him for his persistence. And in verse 32, Abraham presses His Friend even further for just 10 righteous people. Wow…what a great example of persistence and love. After all, Lot was his nephew and his persistence would have been motivated by that love.

What Abraham and many others in Scripture knew is that Godly persistence is both useful and healthy. When we’re able to be persistent in a Godly way toward the things that matter, lives are changed, and perhaps, even saved. Persistence has been paying off in my own life as well. I finally launched a website for my consulting company, Phaneros Consulting (www.phanerosconsulting.com). It has taken me a while to get there, but I’m excited that the persistence paid off.

Where do you need to be persistent today? Don’t give up…go ahead, press through. Great things may be waiting for you! Blessings in Christ, Vita

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