Sunday, January 11, 2009

Aiming for the goal...

Have you set goals for this year?  I have a few I’ve committed to, but I’m still clarifying others.  In past years, I came up with my goals by early December and had them all ready to go by the new year.  Sometimes I'd list too many, and even though I accomplished a lot, I'd feel overwhelmed because I was running hard after them or failing to make them happen.  I would end up doing but not experiencing.   My lists might be complete, but I could barely remember why I made it a goal in the first place (it even sounds goofy as I write it J).

As we enter the third week of the New Year, I’ve narrowed my goals to a significant few and have been very intentional about taking my time to really consider what matters most right now.  Launching this blog is one of my goals for the year.  Starting it was one objective—timely maintenance of it is another.  One sketch, one layout, one pondering per week isn’t difficult, but I’ve certainly figured out (in just three weeks) that I need to have a plan; then, I need to follow-through!

While my goals do include other projects and books I want to complete in the coming year, my number one goal this year is to be more responsive to God’s leading.  I want to hear Him more clearly.  Like the children of Israel in the wilderness following the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night, I want to move when I see Him move and rest when He says rest.  If He says hug someone, I want to hug them.  If He says share a meal, make a phone call, stop and pray, or stop and listen, I want to do that, too.  Slowing down to hear doesn’t always come natural for me.   I have to be very intentional about valuing and protecting those moments in my day that allow me to be still, reflective, and contemplative Otherwise, I find myself subject to being sucked into the vortex of busyness and stress.  I’ve learned over the years that it’s much easier to be vigilant about protecting the things I value in the first place, than it is to get them back once they've been stolen--especially my time. 

I’m excited about the coming season. I look forward to growing with God this year—and being transformed from the inside out.   What are you looking forward to this year and what goals will you set to help make it happen?  Living out loud, Marvita!


My dd this summer during our vacation.  I used GS and IA for this layout.  I also added some stickles & chalking.  Paper is by Heidi Grace.  


  1. I love this layout!! The colors are awsome!!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog tonight through a friend's blog. I love your reflections! And your music...I'm a big Chris Tomlin fan!

    Thanks for being willing to blog about what God lays on your heart. May He continue to bless you as you continue to seek Him!